National recognition for Bongo Té, Tika!

You’ve seen it on social media and in the papers, or heard it on the radio. On June 18, we celebrated this wonderful announcement for the TPL with several friends. The Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie awarded us the 2018 Hector-Fabre Award for the play Bongo Té, Tika! The Hector-Fabre Award is presented annually by the Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie and includes a $25,000 grant. This recognition acknowledges the courage and determination of the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes, which has acquired international renown, as well as our significant contribution to the development of our region.

What a beautiful honour.


Few of you have had the chance to see Bongo Té, Tika! since the play was created and presented in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bongo Té, Tika! brings together the testimonies of 600 women and 210 men from Kinshasa on the harsh reality of violence against women and girls in the DRC. Thanks to this Grande Cueillette des Mots (GCM),our creative process, the play was gradually built around their words. The artists have made these words their own, given them strength and meaning to bring to the stage stories that we see every day in the streets of Kinshasa.

Oxfam-Québec and the Réseau des Femmes juristes chrétiennes du Congo, essential collaborations

Bongo Té, Tika! is the result of a partnership between Oxfam-Québec, the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes and the Réseau des Femmes juristes chrétiennes du Congo and aims to use the arts in an international development context. Bongo Té, Tika!i s also the work of a steering committee composed of influential personalities who are open to changes in mentalities and peer education through art.

Oxfam-Québec and the Réseau des Femmes juristes chrétiennes du Congo have made it the centrepiece of an awareness campaign about violence against women and girls. Since 2018, more than 34,000 spectators have seen the play and it doesn't stop there. UN Women, which has filmed it and will have it translated into 5 languages, aims to broadcast it throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The work with Bongo Té, Tika! in the DRC makes a significant contribution to the influence of the Ville de Sherbrooke on the international scene, both with OXFAM and UN Women, and within various Quebec organizations such as the Université de Sherbrooke and the Université du Québec à Montréal.

There is an African proverb that says “it takes a whole village to raise a child.” Well, it takes a whole family of collaborators to create a project like Bongo Té, Tika!

This is why the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes would like to thank all the partners who participated in the Bongo Té, Tika! project: Oxfam-Québec, Réseau des femmes juristes chrétiennes du Congo, World Affairs Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Institut Français de Kinshasa, Institut National des Arts de Kinshasa, UN Women, Centre des arts de la scène Jean-Besré and Ville de Sherbrooke.

A huge thank you to each and every one of you who, in your own way, have shaped this success with us!

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