Rivières de Lumières wins the 2019 Cultural Development Prize

How moved we were! So much so. Surrounded by our collaborators and partners, we were honoured to receive the Prize for Cultural Development of the Year at the Conseil de la Culture de l’Estrie’s annual prize ceremony.

After 5 years of effort, alongside our community and fantastic artistic collaborations, we received this recognition as a beautiful holiday gift in advance. The jury, made up of our peers, recognised Rivières de Lumières (Rivers of Light) as an innovative and significant initiative. Why did they choose us? Because RDL, this co-creation between artists and citizens, is anchored in poetic encounters found in our very own landscapes. We live magical moments where people of all ages rub shoulders, where we dance, celebrate and eat, all complemented by a smorgasbord of unusual encounters.

Rivières de Lumières places artistic creation at the heart of the City, at the service of people, right here in Sherbrooke. So it’s not just the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes that was rewarded that night. LaboKracBoom and la Maison des arts de la parole also deserve the honours: two partners who have contribute immensely to Rivières de Lumières artistic ADN. As do all the artists, artisans and stall-holders who participate in the beautiful madness through activities, the Lantern Parade or the Night Market. And of course, all the Sherbrooke residents who explore, create and celebrate with us regardless of the weather ... Does anyone remember a certain parade done under the rain ? ;) So thank you all for being here. Rivières de Lumières exists due to your presence. We share this recognition with you and we wish that this co-creation continues to develop year on year.

To watch the 2019 souvenir video produced by Matthew Gaines, please click here.

Photo Credit : Marianne Deschênes

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