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The artistic team: daring visionaries

There is something bigger than the self, a sacred dimension, in the process of creating a GHW. What is entrusted to us in the notebooks is an expression of part of the human soul, and we make it our duty to engage with these words in respect and kindness. Through the creative process, we treat them with discernment and sensitivity in order to find the right tone. The writers extend to us their trust by giving us their words without knowing how they will be delivered on stage. Every GHW represents a risk, in that it involves embracing a writing project on a chosen subject without knowing the exact nature of the pool of material from which we must draw our ideas.

The Artistic Team

Like every new artistic project and every Great Harvest of Words, the Monarques Project is being carried out by the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes, supported by a strong artistic team which, in turn, is accompanied by collaborators and partners who are conscious of and sensitive to the different aspects of the reality that the creation seeks to address.


This time, in addition to the artistic team and the steering committee, a group of researchers from three Quebec universities and two visual documentation artists have joined us.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee: people with experience and heart

The Steering Committee is a visioning and strategic body that supports the artistic direction of the project during all stages of the Great Harvest of Words process. It is made up of people with experience and heart, who are concerned with the different realities and issues that the work deals with and who wish to make a real contribution.


They are convinced that the arts can play a significant role in creating an open dialogue.

Project leadership

Artistic Director — Théâtre des Petites Lanternes

Director, co-author — The Monarques Project

Executive Director and co-artistic director — Théâtre des Petites Lanternes

Workshop facilitator — The Monarques Project



Pierre Gosselin

President Legion — Quebec Branch

Mario Fortin

President — Montreal East Legion-NATO

André Poulain

President, Board of Directors — Théâtre des Petites Lanternes (TPL)

Research Team

Three researchers, three universities, three avant-garde scientific perspectives

By working alongside the different steps of the Great Harvest of Words project the research team hopes to take a scientific look at the creation process, the communication tools, the impacts, the repercussions on the participants and the relevance of the arts in a process of healing and well-being.


The research team will work in close collaboration with the artistic direction of the project, the artistic team and the members of the Steering Committee to ensure that the research project runs smoothly and with all due respect for the experiences of the participants. The results of this research will be published at the end of the project.

The Visual documentation

Visual documentary artists will work in close collaboration with the artistic direction of the project, the artistic team and the members of the Steering Committee as part of their respective documentary projects related to the Monarques project.

Photographer and Curator — A journey to the heart of a human experience

Artistic and photographic documentation — The Monarques Project

We are always available to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the Monarques Project!

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