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In Dialogue

It was in 2017 that everything began.

Solicited by a military son, Gilles Viger, the meetings and exchanges that followed with the Canton-de-L'Est Veterans' Committee, military people and their families, their intimate and evocative words have shaken us so much, and quickly confronted our prejudices, that it seemed obvious to us to address them in the public space in order to open a dialogue.

Faced with this human drama, it was not a question for us to give an opinion on the relevance of the war or the army, but to make sure that our artistic work could help to "unlock and release" the word of those who do not dare to say.

​We therefore chose to start with an intimate word - theirs - to create a sensitive work that would allow us to reflect on what brings us together. Our creative process, the Great Gathering of Words (GGW), allowed more than 200 people from across Canada, Francophones and Anglophones, veterans, military people and their families, to write freely, voluntarily and completely anonymously in a Notebook. 2,000 pages of words revealing stories and unspoken words will be collected. A raw material that feeds today the writing of the theatrical work to come in November 2022.

Discover the genesis of the Monarques project:

In Dialogue.

From these exchanges also came conversations, exchanges between veterans, active military and members of the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes Ambassador Committee. Intimate conversations that address subjects as complex as they are delicate. Each of them had carte blanche to express themselves in their own way and share what was important to them. And this is what we would like to share with you, every Saturday, starting at the end of October and continuing for the next 11 months. We will introduce you to these exceptional men and women and address these subjects with emotion. Always through their words and always with kindness and sensitivity. And we invite you to take part in these conversations, to discuss and interact all together!

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