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Luc Lacombe, his brother Gilles Lacombe and Claude Belleau

Meet Major Luc Lacombe and his brother Gilles Lacombe.

Major Lacombe is a career military officer and has held several positions within the Canadian Armed Forces. He is currently the Deputy Commander of the UT in Quebec.

His brother, Gilles Lacombe, is an executive of major companies (Olymel, Agropur and others) and is now semi-retired. He occupies an important place in Major Lacombe's life; a place that all soldiers returning from afar would like to have by their side.

Claude Belleau, who met them, has had a busy professional career in the international field with the United Nations (UN) and in development assistance in various conflicts and humanitarian crises. Back in Sherbrooke, he continues to push his reflection and his action with the most vulnerable populations in addition to being a member of the Ambassador Committee of the Théâtre des Petites Lanternes. He met several times with this exceptional siblings to better understand the journey of one and the unconditional presence of the other.

Discover all 3 of them and follow this 2nd Conversation.

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